Nursing Pay

Nursing pay is based on a number of factors, including whether or not an organization is unionized. Many hospital nurses, for example, are paid according to the salary grid negotiated in the Hospital Central Collective Agreement. About 50,000 nurses (members of the Ontario Nurses’ Association) are covered under this agreement. Non-unionized hospitals and other sectors usually negotiate with individual employers or with groups of employers.

Generally speaking, rates of RN pay are based on a years of service scales, and start at $21.75 per hour reaching as high as $40 per hour. The full-time RN base rate range run from first year pay of $28.08 an hour ($53,040 a year) to 25-year pay of $40 an hour ($78,000 a year), according to the Ontario Nurses’ Association. Typically, overtime pay is one and a half times.

Advanced Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and nurse managers (who have earned Masters degree or higher) earn higher salaries.

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