Frequently Asked Questions

You've come to the right place to find nursing career solutions. Here are answers to your most frequently asked career questions.


How do I write a resume/cover letter?

You'll find helpful tips and advice in Job Preparation, including sample resumes, cover letters and helpful resources.


How do I account for employment gaps related to raising my children or caring for a sick parent?

You'll find helpful tips for covering various employment gaps in Job Preparation.


What are my continuing education options?

Check out all your Continuing Education options in our Nursing Education Guide.


How do I re-enter the nursing profession? Are there any RN refreshers courses if I am returning to practice?

In most provinces and territories, registered nurses who have not practised for a specified number of hours within a specific time limit must take a refresher course before being given permission to return to work in nursing. A list of RN refresher courses in Canada is available at the Canadian Nurses Association site. Search for “RN Refresher.”


Where can I get information on specific nursing courses, e.g., ICU, NICU, palliative care?

You find a complete list of various nursing courses offered by nursing schools in Canada at the Canadian Nurses Association site.


How do I become a registered nurse (RN)?

Learn all the steps involved with becoming an RN at Becoming a Registered Nurse. And explore your education options at Nursing Education Guide.


What if I want to make a change in my nursing career?

You’ll find a bunch of exciting, neat and fun ways to make a change in your nursing career at Make a Mid-Career Change.