The nursing student experience

Nursing education is about so much more than classroom learning, although that’s never been more important as nursing has increasingly become evidence-based. (Learn more about how evidence-based standards are enhancing the way nurses learn.) To prepare for practice, today nursing students gain knowledge and skills in research, advocacy, and leadership as well as participate in a wide range of clinical and community placements.

Educators teach nursing students that nursing is about more than just performing skills at the bedside. It’s also about considering why the skills they’ve learned are important, and examining how the challenges of today’s health-care environment impact on the kind of care they can provide to patients. Plus, nursing students participate in clinical placements that extend from community care to hospital care and from health promotion and disease prevention to emergency and critical care.

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    The Nursing Students of Ontario (NSO) says students can dispel this myth by expressing confidence, having a positive attitude, and working in collaboration with nurses to benefit from their knowledge and skills.