Career Flexibility

One of the greatest perks of nursing is its flexibility. Not only is work available in a variety of geographic locations and different sectors, nurses can work part-time or full-time (or no-time). And it’s easy to come back to nursing if you’ve taken a break.

Flexible hours
Nursing is adaptable so it works with your lifestyle: often even the length of a shift is flexible — from four to 12 hours during the days, evenings and weekends.

Flexible location
Moving? Nursing skills allow you to travel all across the province and work in any job location. Learn more about Nursing in Ontario.

Flexible specialties

Many nurses explore new career directions because there are so many different sectors in which one can practise (see Nursing Sectors). It’s easy to switch laterally to another field mid-career or earn an advanced degree and move up the ladder.

Career Stages Support

Depending where you are in your career — whether you are just starting out or celebrating your 40th anniversary as a nurse — there’s plenty of support to help you achieve new nursing goals.


Early Career Nurses

Did you know that 30 per cent of Ontario’s nursing workforce is early in their career? Here are some helpful supports.


Mid-Career Nurses

Nurses mid-way through their career are the largest cohort of nurses in Ontario, representing 43 per cent of all nurses. Studies show that nurses in this career phase are most in need of career re-energizing.

Explore a bunch of ways to Make a Mid-Career Change. The following are additional supports to get you thinking about just a few of the exciting nursing options available.

Experienced Nurses

Experience nurses over the age of 55 represent 27 per cent of the current Ontario nursing work force.

There are many exciting ways you can continue to contribute to the profession. Explore ways to Leverage Late-Career Experience.

Check out what career options are available in your current workplace: