Career Options

It’s tough to think of a profession quite so varied and dynamic as nursing. From working with physicians in a multitude of settings and sectors, to planning and delivering health care programs, to tackling health issues in diverse population segments, nursing literally has something for everyone.

Nursing work involves a broad range of health care activities, from health promotion and administration to palliation, across a broad array of health care delivery settings from acute care to long-term care, rehabilitation and community-based settings.

Nurses are in demand in every region of Ontario, especially rural and remote areas, a plus for those who prefer a lifestyle close to the great outdoors.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of a career in nursing is that you can change focus, location, setting or direction mid-way through your career. You can go back to school, or simply job-hunt for a new nursing role that will satisfy your need for change and challenge.

Explore all of your nursing career options: