Find a nursing job

Once you’ve mapped out your nursing career, and dusted off the resume, you’re ready to begin the actual process of job hunting. Where do you start? Explore the different facets of the nursing job market in Canada (once you’ve got a handle on how the market operates, you’ll be ready to find the right job for you):

Search for a Job

Below we’ve provided links to the leading job search engines available for nurses in Canada. It’s important to realize that many jobs are never posted. It’s called the “hidden job market,” and information about available work is circulated through managers’ networks of co-workers, associates and friends. The best way to open these doors is to be in touch with organizations, or other nurses who work in organizations where you would like to work.

  • Contact potential employers.
  • Join nursing association peer groups and professional interest groups to build a network.
  • Visit job and career fairs.

All of these activities will give you an edge over the competition on finding new nursing opportunities including those that aren’t posted!

Job search links

Search nursing jobs in Ontario.

Search nursing jobs in Canada