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Becoming a super nurse is one thing. Selling yourself as a super nurse to the right employer is a whole other thing. Career planning and self-promotion isn’t just a nursing student challenge. The most experienced RNs can be stumped over how to switch a nursing direction or handle major resume gaps. The good news is that you probably have many of the skills in demand by employers, even if you don’t realize it.

Whether you’re just starting out as a nurse, ready for a mid-career change, or coming back from a long absence, you’re going to face numerous career situations that require a strong sense of direction and self-promotion. How do I handle a long absence from the profession in a cover letter? Tip: structure your resume around experience instead of chronologically! Where do I see myself 10 years from now? Check out career mapping. Which of my skills are transferable in which areas of nursing? Find out in the transferable nursing skills section.

No matter your planning and job-hunting dilemmas, we’ve compiled plenty of helpful tips for you right here.

For further information and career guidance please contact:

RNAO International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Centre
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Watch RNAO's webinar on RNCareers & tips on resumes and cover letters for nurses

  • What’s the biggest mistake mature nurses make in their cover letters?

    Writing them with an undertone of superiority based on extensive work experience. Mature nurses face one giant myth: being inflexible (or a know it all!). Make sure your cover letters strike the right note. Find out how.