Embrace technology

Technology advances are increasingly shaping nursing for the better. They are boosting patient satisfaction and overall outcomes, reducing clinical errors and reducing the amount of paperwork nurses are required to perform. In short, technology is advancing the nursing role while making a career in nursing all the more appealing.

Some of the newest technologies transforming the way nurses work include:

  • Point of care technology — access to patient records using wireless network and personal digital assistant or in-room computer
  • Personal digital assistance — access to nursing knowledge and evidence-based care tools on phones and blackberries, for example you can download the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario’s Nursing Best Practice Guidelines for PDAs and smartphones.
  • Electronic health records — as this is increasingly adopted, the hope is much greater efficiency and accuracy in patient health information
  • Electronic lift systems — reduce nurses’ risk of injury and stress
  • Computerize staff schedules — enable nurses to schedule shifts remotely
  • Patient and staff identification systems — bar codes and wristbands help prevent patient mix up.
  • Social media — tools and applications that advance nursing knowledge and advocacy

While these advances offer innovative, exciting new advancements to nursing, they also come with challenges, such as patient confidentiality and a learning curve. But don’t let that keep you from exploring new technology and discovering how it may work best for you.

Here are a few helpful, inspirational articles from Registered Nurse Journal on a few of the latest technology trends.