Build My Skills

As a successful nurse, you’ve made a professional commitment to lifelong learning. What does this really mean? Envision your health profession education as one long continuum from beginning to end that values, exemplifies and assesses ongoing skill development. This includes inter-professional and team-based education and practice, as well as the implementation and evaluation (and development of) evidence-based nursing practice. In fact, the essence of evidence-based nursing delivery is excellence in care — and that means applying the best, skills.

How can you build your skills? Below we’ve outlined a number of options available to you. But generally, skill development opportunities exist in a variety of options.

  • Continuing education (classroom; workshops; online learning modules; continuing education avenues)
  • Ongoing development of evidence-based health care (contribution to nursing best practice guidelines)
  • Workplace learning (mentors, clinical setting learning opportunities)

Check out the various opportunities available for building your nursing skills.