Working part-time

One of the best ways to remain in the work force as you near retirement and even after a planned retirement, if you are so inclined, is to work part-time. After the age of 55, you may wish to alleviate your workload by spending some of your work hours mentoring other nurses by participating in the Late Career Nursing Initiative.

Late Career Nursing Initiative

The Ministry of Heath and Long-term Care developed the Late Career Nursing Initiative (LCNI) to support late career nurses working in hospitals and long-term care homes to remain in the workforce by providing less physically demanding alternate roles for a portion of their work. The goal is to help mitigate the trend of early retirement among nurses and the rewards for late-career nurses are plentiful including:

  • a decrease in physical and mental stress
  • opportunities to engage in new learning and gain a different perspective on health care
  • opportunities to transfer knowledge prior to retirement
  • acknowledge of the value of late-career nurses and their knowledge
  • opportunities to make a difference to nursing care and support other nursing staff
  • opportunities to engage in organizational research and develop recommendations
  • engage with patients in other roles
  • participate in practice enhancements leading to increased patient satisfaction

All hospitals and long-term care homes may apply for the Late Career Nursing Initiative Funding. Nurses must be 55 years of age or older and currently providing direct care to participate. Check out the Government of Ontario's HealthForceOntario site to learn more.

Why mentoring matters