Volunteer Opportunities

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to volunteer your nursing experience, you’ll be paying it forward in more ways than one. Depending on what kind of volunteer work you choose, you’ll be providing health care and comfort (often to those most in need). In some cases you may be gaining extra hands-on training or the pleasure of networking in the medical field. Depending where you volunteer, you may also get the thrill of adventure and travel.

Here's how to go about pursuing nursing volunteer opportunities:

  • Check out volunteer positions needed at nearby hospitals and long-term care facilities.
  • Ask your favourite local health care charity if they are in need of RN volunteers.
  • Get involved with your provincial registered nurses association.
  • The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario offers many opportunities for volunteer RNs.
  • The College of Nurses of Ontario regularly posts volunteer opportunities.
  • Check with the Canadian Red Cross for volunteer opportunities at home (and abroad).
  • For volunteering during a pandemic, checking out the College of Nurses of Ontario FAQ
  • For volunteering abroad, check with international health care volunteer organizations including Doctors Without Borders
  • A list of non-governmental organizations that may offer volunteer opportunities can be found at the Canadian Nurses Association